Build Your Own BMX Bike – Possibilities and Challenges

The best way to transition from beginner to an advanced BMX rider is to build our very own bike. But, if you have the money, I suggest you to invest in the best bmx bike for you. There are only a few things as satisfying as building a personally customized BMX, giving it a unique style to differentiate it from the rest.

There are two ways you can do it: you can start from scratch buying everything new, or you can also take your old bike and improve it. We know that getting rid of our first bike is tough because it gave us great memories, but it is necessary to reach the next level.

Whatever you choose to do, you’re going to need new parts. Fortunately, that’s our main topic for this article. We’re going to talk about all the information you need to build your BMX.

What Do I Need to Build a BMX?

To start working on your personal BMX project, first and foremost, you’re going to need a specific budget. How much money are you willing to invest in it? Once you know how much you can spend, then it is time to start looking at the BMX parts.

The Handle bar

The handlebar is what gives you complete control over the bike. If you want a BMX to perform stunts, you will need a handlebar capable of withstanding a lot of pressure.

Choosing the best handlebar for BMX is entirely up to your standards. It also depends on your height and riding style.

Fortunately, plenty of handlebars in the market offer high versatility, allowing you to adjust them to fit your needs. Some of them are also put through a heat process to improve their strength and durability.

Our picks for the best BMX handlebars are:

  • Sweepstakes – Odyssey
  • BMX Trail – Diamondback
  • XR50 – Pro Taper
  • BMX Handlebars – Big Roc
  • MXII CW Style Handlebar – Black Ops

The Pedals

The pedals will get you from location A to location B. Sometimes we spend hours riding, which is why we need great pedals to meet our requirements.

On top of that, having quality pedals also allows us to perform better stunts. We put plenty of pressure over them every time we want to perform a trick, like the bunny hop.

If the pedals fail while we’re putting pressure on them, we might end up hurting our feet or ankles. It is even worse if we lose balance and it makes us take a rough fall to the ground.

Whether you plan to use your BMX to perform stunts or for simple use, you need the best pedals.

These are our top pedals picks:

  • BMX Pedals – RockBros
  • Gummy Pedals – Black Ops
  • Platform Pedal – Fyxation Gates
  • Twisted PC Pedals – Odyssey
  • Mountain Bike Pedals – Fooker MTB

The Grips

It is amazing how grips improve the overall performance of the BMX.

You will notice the importance of the grips when you decide to take long rides. If you enjoy driving through all types of surfaces and terrains, you’re going to need suitable grips to make your experience more enjoyable.

The grips allow you to control the bike without much effort. It is also great to reduce vibrations, allowing you to keep a firm grasp on the handlebar without hurting your hands.

Most of these items come with the Lock-On system, which ensures they remain steady once you install them on the handlebar. More so, this system keeps them on their place, allowing us to make quick maneuvers without our hands slipping.

Some of the best grips for BMX available are:

  • Vans x Cult Flangeless Grips
  • ODI Soft Flangeless Longneck Grips
  • Lycaon Grips
  • Black Ops BMX Turbo Grips
  • ODI Longneck ST Grips


We’re going to need a couple of great tires as well.

If you plan to ride your BMX under different types of terrain, the best option is to look for tires that offer the versatility you need. Some are great for dirt, others are good for streets, and many more are suitable for riding at the park.

It is also important that you consider tires with an outright grip and higher durability. The last thing you need for your project is to waste money on new tires constantly.

For flat surfaces, we have:

  • ODYSSEY Sunday Street Sweeper
  • Goodyear Tire
  • Sunlite Freestyle Kontact

For dirt terrains, these are the top products:

  • Maxxis Hookworm Tire
  • Eastern Squealer Tire
  • Bell BMX Replacement Tire

Most of these tires offer versatility to operate on different terrains, but it is better to choose one that suits our most common riding area. It will keep us from suffering unexpected incidents.

The Frame

The frame is the most important component of your BMX. It is the main base where you’ll attach every other part, and for that reason, it should have a solid structure made of good materials.

The best thing about it is that you can choose from a huge variety. It comes in many shapes, sizes, and colors, allowing us to pick which one we like the most. For professional purposes, we have aluminum frames. This aluminum construction makes the frame a lightweight part to handle better.

Additionally, the variety of models also covers different riding styles. For instance, some of them are designed specifically for aggressive riders. These frames offer a great performance if you expect to put your BMX through heavy abuse.

In the market we can find the following top quality frames:

  • Fit Hangman BMX Frame
  • Stranger LZ Frame – Adam LZ
  • Fiend Reynolds Frame
  • BSD Passenger V2 – Kriss Kyle Frame
  • Verde Oxbridge LTD Frame

The Seat

There are different types of seats: standard, railed, integrated, pivotal and tripod. All of them designed to give you all the comfort possible during your adventures.

For the best BMX seats, we can find:

  • Velo Gel Saddle
  • Mongoose  BMX Seat
  • Diamondback Drivers Seat
  • BMX Seat – Eastern Bikes Fat Combo
  • Sunlite MX Juvenile Saddle

Final Words

Naturally, there are other pieces you will need. Some of them are the fork, stem, cranks, chains, seat post, and brakes. However, these parts are easier to buy, and most of them work great.