How To Bunny Hop BMX – A Newbies Guide

Are you looking to learn awesome tricks to improve your skills and impress your friends? The bunny hop is what you need. This trick is one of those legendary moves that remain impressive to this day.

It is a rather basic trick that most BMX riders want to learn from the beginning, but do not let it fool you: though it might seem easy, there’s still plenty of preparation you need to make before achieving it.

But there is no need to worry! In this guide, we’re going to tell you everything you need to know about the bunny hop. Got your BMX ready? Great! Then let’s begin!

Learning the Basics

The bunny hop is a stunt in which you jump with both of your BMX’s front and back wheel. You’ve probably seen it a million times online, on TV or watching your friends do it.

Something we have to remember about the bunny hop is that it is not only one trick. This stunt is the result of combining two other moves, which are the front pull and the back hop.

By knowing what it takes to accomplish it, we reduce the disappointment we might face, especially because it is pretty difficult to get a BMX and start bunny hopping from the get-go, which is something that many riders think is possible.

However, after you master these two techniques, you will increase the possibilities of performing an outstanding bunny hop.

Steps to do the Front Pull

Step 01: Drive at a slow-pace or at a moderate speed and lean slightly to the back. Pull yourself off the bike’s seat, and keep the pedals parallel to the ground.

  • Keep your elbows and knees relaxed, and slightly flexed. Then, you want to stand up and position your body above the bike’s seat, not at the back.
  • Once you’re up, lean forward to place your head above the front wheel.

Step 02: Place your body weight on the front wheel, and use your arms to lift the handlebar.

  • While you’re lifting the handlebar, push your feet against the pedals. Make sure you push using the same amount of strength with both feet.

Step 03: Use the strength of your arms to lift the front wheel. When you feel like you can’t lift it any higher by just leaning back, use both of your arms until you and the bike are up.

  • Maintain the pedal’s level during the whole stunt.

Step 04: Put the wheel back on the floor gently. You’ll know you’ve mastered this trick once you’re capable of landing the front wheel gently. It might take some time, but eventually, you’ll get it right.

Steps to do the Back Hop

  1. Shift your body weight to the front. You must do it quickly, but try to maintain full control over the bike without losing stability.
  2. Use your heels to make pressure, and use your feet to pull the pedals up. Take the pedals upward with your feet until they are almost vertically.
  3. Make pressure on both pedals while you stretch your legs upward. Your feet will make an ascending move to the back.
  4. The pressure you put on the pedals with your feet horizontally will keep your feet on the bike. This pressure allows you to pull the backside of the bike using your leg’s muscles.
  5. Use your legs to lift the back wheel. Shrug your shoulders, and push the handlebar forward.
  6. Put down the back wheel carefully. Just like the front pull, doing a perfect landing is the decisive step that will let you know you’ve conquered the move.

Steps to do the Bunny Hop

After mastering the two previous tricks, it is time to attempt to do our first bunny hop.

Step 01

Start with the front pull. When the front wheel is up, place your weight on the back wheel. By doing this, the wheel gains certain bouncing that will help to elevate you when you do the back hop.

Use the momentum to pull the front Wheel as high as you can before you do the next step.

Step 02

Push your heels to make pressure quickly, and take the pedals upward with your feet. When the front wheel is up, move the heels up as well. Try to get your feet almost vertically.

Step 03

Make pressure on the pedals while you stretch your legs up. Lift your thumbs and push your feet back. Take advantage of the opposing movements to pull up the back wheel while the front wheel’s still up.

The amount of pressure you put with your feet will keep them on the bike while you’re pulling the back Wheel with your leg’s muscles.

Step 04

Shrug your shoulders and push the wheel forward. You want to do this at the exact time you’re lifting your feet. It is necessary that you have complete coordination to do this.

Try to keep the focus on your technique, and not so much on the speed.

Step 05

Level the bike once you’re in mid-air. Squeeze your legs against each other when you jump. Keep in mind that leveling the bike is very important if you want to do the stunt on different ground surfaces.

Step 06

Lower the back wheel to touch the ground first. It allows you to have a better landing and gives you complete control over the bike.

Practice on grass before you attempt to do it on the pavement. You can’t complete the stunt if you break a limb in the process.

Step 07

Practice the bunny hop over different obstacles. The bunny hop is a fancy stunt, but it is also very helpful to avoid or jump over obstacles on the road.

Gather some obstacles and practice jumping over them. You might want to start with a low height, like 6 inches. After you feel comfortable, you can increase the obstacle’s height.

Final Words

Now it is time for you to get out there and start practicing. Don’t let it bother you if you can’t do it quickly because the practice is what makes the master. Everyone can do it with enough dedication and time.