How To Tie Down A Motorcycle Using A Hitch Carrier?

Motorcycles owners often have to transport their motorcycles from one place to another using their cars. Securing the motorcycle on the vehicle can be an overwhelming task and if done wrong it can cost you a lot.

To avoid such circumstance you must know how to tie down your motorcycle properly, especially if you are using a hitch carrier, and this article tells you all about it.

You can carry your motorcycle in various ways like using a trailer or cargo container but towing your motorcycle with your poses certain dangers and requires immense control from the driver.

In that case, using a hitch carrier is the best option as it is easier to use and faster. However, people fear to use this equipment more than any other. To use a hitch carrier, the type of vehicle used, the material of the device and the weight of the motorcycle must be taken into account.

How To Tie Down A Motorcycle Using A Hitch Carrier?

There are many different approaches, like the ratchet-style or the cam buckle style, when it comes to tying down a motorcycle to a hitch carrier, however, the fundamentals of each of the styles are similar and they are as follow.

  • Position your motorcycle wheel chock on the hitch carrier so that the motorcycle’s front wheel cannot be displaced due to the movement of the car.
  • Use the ramp to push the motorcycle up to your vehicle onto the hitch carrier and position it into the wheel chock.
  • Choose your desired style and straps.
  • Wrap two soft loops on each of the handlebars where one end of the hooks will be attached. Secure the other end of the hooks on to the sides of the hitch carrier.
  • Find a stable part on the back of the motorcycle and repeat the previous step attached to two straps on the back.
  • Pull-on the straps hard to make sure your motorcycle is upright and secure.

 Tips to Follow

It is never wrong to be cautious about something as precious as your beloved motorcycle. Hence to make sure you are extra careful while tying your bike, there are some additional guidelines written by

  • You can use more than four straps if you do not feel confident with four.
  • Make sure none of the hooks attached to the loops are damaging your motorcycle.
  • Certain motorcycles might require a certain tie down so remember to always check the manufacturer’s rating and preference of the tie-down, and make sure it meets your purpose before you purchase it.
  • Check the law in your country or city and make sure you know the angle you have to make between the straps and the floor. In most countries its 45 degrees.
  • Different hitch carriers may have different rules of tie-down so be sure to read the manual thoroughly.

Now you see that tying a motorcycle down on a hitch carrier isn’t as complex as one would imagine. If you calmly follow the instructions provided enough you can be certain to save yourselves from making some expensive mistakes.