Should Your Kid Ride BMX? Is It Dangerous?

Riding a BMX is a sport that brings us excitement and adrenaline like no other sport can deliver. For that same reason, our kids often want to try the BMX and run freely.

We as parents don’t want to keep them from enjoying themselves and having a great time practicing a healthy sport. Nonetheless, we can’t help ourselves from having concerns about their safety.

After all, it is a high-speed sport, and accidents tend to happen. Especially when our children think nothing bad can happen to them. However, we’re aware that accidents happen to the most experienced, and we want to keep our kids safe at all costs.

In that regard, we have to ask ourselves a question: is a BMX safe for our children? That’s what we will discuss in this article.

A Fast and Dangerous Sport

Whether we like it or not, BMX is among the most dangerous sports. Any person that decides to get one of these bikes and practice it must understand everything that comes with doing it, good or bad.

It is no different for kids. Naturally, they might not fully comprehend the dangers that they will face riding a BMX, which is why it is up to parents, or trainers, to inform them everything they need to know about the sport.

Misleading information is often the cause of accidents in sports like this one. More often than not, kids let themselves get carried away by fancy tricks that they find on the internet, and they attempt to replicate them without having the proper preparation or skills.

Most of the times when kids aren’t ready to drive the BMX properly, it only leads to unpleasant accidents. While some of these accidents are going to happen either way and it helps them grown and learn, some other accidents could produce nasty injuries.

Of course, not everything is bad. There are still a couple of safety measures you can put in place to help your kid have an awesome and secured experience riding a BMX.

BMX Safety Measures for Our Kids

The first thing we need to understand is that we cannot truly eliminate accidents. Instead, we can reduce the possibilities of accidents from happening.

I firmly believe that we should not keep our kids from experiencing certain sports because we fear an accident might occur. Instead, we should give them the right tools to practice it safely.  To do that, we have a list of equipment you should get for your kid.


The most important body part that we should keep secured is the head. Even the smallest fall could cause a concussion or worst.

Fortunately, most kids don’t have an issue with wearing a helmet. Convincing my child to wear a helmet was not difficult at all. He thought the helmet gave him more style. If it works for him, it works for me.

There are plenty of benefits a good helmet provides. They are lightweight, allowing our kids to wear it without any discomfort at all. Most of them are constructed with polymer shell to ensure their quality. This material also makes them durable over time.

Elbow and Knee Pads

Regardless of how much we try to avoid it, certain accidents will happen eventually. It is unavoidable, and it can happen even to the most experienced people too. To keep your kid’s body safe, you might want to get a couple of elbow and knee pads as well.

This equipment set will allow your child to get the best out of the BMX without suffering bruises or scratches.

However, parents could face resistance from the kids when it comes to the pads. Children normally dismiss these products because they don’t consider it necessary, and they also think they ruin their appearance.

When that happens, it is up to you to reinforce the idea as to why it is always necessary to wear this equipment. Set your foot down, and don’t let your kid dictate what’s dangerous and what isn’t.

There is a reason why professionals wear both knee and elbow pads. Our children might not believe us, but they won’t dismiss a professional’s opinion.

Body Armor

Body armor becomes necessary when our children want to use the BMX constantly. They might decide to participate in small tournaments or competitions, and you must have everything prepared if that happens.

The body armor is particularly good for competitions because it is in those situations where kids are the most competitive. They want to outperform everyone else, which often means reaching higher velocities.

At high speeds, any fall or accident could cause major injuries, and the body armor is there to keep our children from hurting themselves.

With this equipment, kids will have to sacrifice some comfort and freedom in exchange for more security. It is a small price to pay if they want to ride the BMX.

A Great BMX

The defining factor of your kid’s success while riding a BMX is the BMX itself. BMX manufacturers have put special effort into creating a proper vehicle for our kids. These bikes have the cool looking appearance every child wants, with the solid construction and security that parents need.

Most of the great bikes are expensive, but there are cheaper models to cover our demands easily. A cheap bike is a quick way to satisfy our kid’s demands without making a huge investment.

Once they’ve figured out what they want to do, you can decide if you should spend a little more money into a better and more expensive BMX.

Final Words

Undoubtedly, riding a BMX is dangerous. Reaching higher speed puts our children in a difficult situation where any slip could end up hurting them badly. However, that does not mean we should keep them from getting a BMX and use it.

Once we have all of the safety measures covered, they will have the freedom to use it without restraints. They get to have the fun and feel the adrenaline the sport provides, while also being secure enough to keep us, the parents, happy.