Skateboarding vs. BMX – Why I Prefer BMX?

Practicing a new sport is always fun. When it comes to sports that can cause high adrenaline rush, there are two that come to mind quickly: BMX and skateboarding.

It has been an on-going discussion for many years. To this day, people continue debating which one is the best. While each has its unique advantages and disadvantages, there are a variety of reasons why BMX comes on top.

I must admit that I prefer BMX over skateboarding. Ever since I first rode a bike many, many years ago, I’ve been in love with the feeling it provides. It is a freedom that no other sport is capable of offering, and it allows us to do incredible things. Let’s continue reading to learn why BMX outperforms skateboarding in many ways.

Skateboarding vs. BMX: An On-Going Battle of Skill

When we turn on our TVs to watch Extreme Games Tournaments, we quickly notice that skateboards take much of the spotlight. It is a more mainstream sport, and people often prefer it over BMX.

Nonetheless, there are several reasons why I consider that BMX is the better of the two. We’re going to talk about those reasons next:

BMX Offers More Freedom

There’s no way anyone could argue against the fact that BMX gives us more freedom. It is so easy to pick up your bike, and start roaming around your house, on the streets, at the park, and even fields.

It gives us the opportunity to do activities at a larger scale, and it allows us to reach places we can’t reach with a skateboard.

The skateboard restrains us to certain areas. You can’t use it properly if the ground is not suitable for the skateboard, which reduces plenty of our possibilities.

Of course, once you’ve mastered your technique and become an advanced skateboarder, performing at difficult terrains gets easier. However, it takes time before you can accomplish that.

Requires Skills

There are multiple tricks that you can learn quickly, but BMX also has many tricks that require time, effort, and skill. As a beginner, constant failure might disappoint us, but we must learn from our mistakes and keep trying. Once we finally achieve that trick, it is incredibly satisfying.

Nonetheless, I’m not saying that you don’t need skills for skateboarding. The complexity of the tricks is probably one of the only similarities that these two sports share. But even then, I still think that BMX comes on top for its amazing stunts capacity.

Let’s be honest here, when it comes to special moves, there are only a few skateboard’s tricks that can compare to watching someone perform a 360 with a BMX in mid-air.

A More Extreme Sport

BMX is more extreme than skateboarding. That status comes with many disadvantages, but plenty of advantages as well.

The amount of customizable parts for BMX is incredible. It gives us the chance to personalize our bike, giving it a unique look and style. Also, we get to build these bikes from scratch, which allows us to have complete control over every little part to ensure our safety. Another advantage of being an extreme sport is that you look cooler, simple as that. After you’ve mastered your technique, you will have the capacity to perform amazing tricks to impress your audience.

Great for Semi-Professional Activities

Unfortunately, skateboarding suffers from a negative perception currently. TV shows, movies, and the media, in general, have done a great job in diminishing the quality of skateboarders. Skateboard also suffers from being stereotyped as a sport for kids and teenagers.

Final Verdict

There are certain areas in which skateboard surpasses BMX. A skateboard is lighter than a bike, you can carry it easily and store it without a problem, but these are little details that we can ignore after noticing the higher versatility from the BMX.

Of course, that’s not always the case. There are professional riders that take skateboard seriously. Seriously enough to make a living out of it, but it does have certain disadvantages in society. For instance, if you arrive at a public location riding a bike, people will probably think you’re following an exercise routine. Instead, if you arrive on a skateboard, most people might consider it a little bit odd.